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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Assassin's Fall by Angela Steed


Code name: Shane Sin.

Mission: Capture the assassin’s heart.

When undercover police officer Shane Hawke is sent to infiltrate one of the world’s most cutthroat international crime rings, he finds more than he bargained for. While the woman chosen to be the crime lord’s personal body guard is in far over her head, Shane might also be in over his head … over her.

Plucked from the streets and groomed for a life of high stakes theft, Haley has become the most trusted in her team of jewel thieves, never guessing how deep the level of evil around her goes—and without a way to escape it when the truth comes out. Can she trust the mysterious Shane Sin to protect her? The alternative could cost her her love—and maybe even her life.


I enjoyed this story -- good plot, charismatic characters, unexpected twists and a disturbingly attractive villain. In fact, I almost felt more sexual appeal from the villain than the hero. Almost, but not quite. Shane drew me back in, despite his silly code name. Lots of sexual tension, but not many sex scenes.

Reasonably well written, though awkward wording occasionally tossed me out of the story. Still, the lead characters were engaging and the plot lively enough I was drawn back in and read this short book in one sitting.

I give this story three nd a half hearts. Review by

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