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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Earthman’s Bride by Icy Snow Blackstone


Rebeka’s orders are to marry, then betray--but love gets in the way.

For thirty years, Rebeka Spearman’s people have been at war with the invading Earthmen who took over her planet and took possession of its wealth. Now her father, Alcin, devises a plan to end the conflict. Under a flag of truth, he offers Rebeka in marriage to Philip Hamilcar, the current Terran leader.

Unknown to Philip, she and her android bodyguard have a hidden agenda: to kill him and destroy the invaders from within. What no one knows is that Darius, the android, has an empath chip within his artificial intelligence system, allowing him to feel emotions.

Now a love triangle is on the rise between three very different hearts. War, betrayal and passion collide--can they untangle their choices in time?

My Review:

Excellent! True omi done at its best. Ms. Blackstone has woven an intriguing tale in Earthman’s Bride.

I found the narrator to wander a bit at the start of the story. He/she seemed to have trouble telling the story in chronological order, but I’ll forgive them of that because after a couple of chapters they pull it together. It’s interesting to me that the people of Tusteya seemed to behave as humans do now and the Earthmen behaved in a different manner. It seemed as if Earth had evolved into a world I wouldn’t recognize or in some instances devolved and that I would fit into Tusteya much better.

The story took on twists and turns that I had not expected. The ending threw out more mystery than it revealed. It is book one in a series and to discover the answers to those mysteries you’ll have to read on. Or at least I hope to discover the answers because I’m intrigued now.

A few editing mistakes and the wandering narrator brings my rating down a bit. But not by much.

I give this story 5 hearts. Reviewed by


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