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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finn’s Christmas by Angel Martinez


Winter in Canada can be a little tedious. The cold, the snow, the ever-darkening days, the hibernation...

Finn's inability to stay awake has Diego worried sick and with Miriam coming to visit, how is he going to explain?

Staying awake is hard when you just want to turn into a badger and burrow until the sun returns. But Finn has his reasons for wanting to escape the long sleep this year. Agonizing over the perfect gift for Diego has him turning mental circles, if he can only keep his eyes open long enough to make it work.

My Review:

A cute story about Christmas wonder and discovery. Once I got a few pages into the story, I enjoyed it. Though it’s not really a standalone read, which I why I think it took a couple of pages to understand what was going on. I felt that I would have enjoyed the story more if I had read FINN first and connected with the characters. If you read FINN and wanted more after the end, then FINN’S CHRISTMAS is a cute addition.

Since I read this as a standalone book and have not read FINN, I have to take off marks for feeling as if I’m missing a connection with the first story. But if you read FINN and liked it, then you’ll enjoy this one too. If you haven’t read FINN, then I recommend you read it first before jumping into FINN’S CHRISTMAS. All in all, still a cute holiday story.

I give this story 3 and a half hearts. Reviewed by


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  1. Great review, Jasmine. It's hard when you start mid-series. I've done that before, and then had to read the first book to have it make sense.

  2. Thank you, Aubrie. I do think this is a cute little story, but you really should start with the first book.