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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sacred Secrets: Chronicles of Surrender by Roxy Harte


Celia sold herself in a bargain for rough play and a great story--not murder!

Celia Brentwood, fetish reporter for San Francisco’s Inappropriate Voices, agrees to auction herself off as a BDSM slave for thirty days. She plans to write a first-person exposé, but after she’s purchased by Garrett Lawrence, the most eligible gay bachelor in town, her story becomes an insider peek at the man once accused of killing his lover.

Garrett still mourns the loss of his beloved, but the past is hard to forget when it’s stalking him. The real killer is obsessed with Garrett...until Celia’s deception is discovered and the killer decides she’s the perfect route to his prey.

My Review:

First I want to point out that the BDSM genre is not my cup of tea. And it is not a genre that I would buy. But if it is your cup of tea and you enjoy this genre, then Ms. Harte has woven a tale you are sure to want to read. Be warned, there is violence in this story and the book does come with this warning.

Personally, I don’t like to read stories with violence. Because of this, I had to put the book down during many scenes and take a break before I could get through it. But as a reviewer, I felt that this story deserved a review because of the writing quality. There is a strong plot and mystery that kept me guessing until the end. Since I don’t get the whole concept of pain can equal pleasure, I didn’t really fall for the hero. Now I did like the hero, but when he delivered punishment it really turned me off to his character. But if you enjoy this, I believe you could fall for Garrett. Ms. Harte did a wonderful job bringing her characters to life and showing their sorrows and joys. They deal with deep emotions and managed to survive.

I did have a couple of issues as I felt the heroine was bashing Christianity as a whole. A few lines to demonstrate that it was the ex-boyfriend and father who were bad and not Christianity in general would have alleviated this and raised my rating.

If this is a genre you love, you won’t want to miss this title.

I give this story 4 and a half hearts. Reviewed by


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  1. Thank you for reviewing, Jasmine, even thougfh you found the story difficult to get through. I wasn't sure if you were commenting on the BDSM punishments, or the violence which occured after the kidnapping.

    Men can be bad regardless of their faith and whether I would have represented them as Christian or Jewish or Muslim it wouldn't have changed that fact. My intent was to not bash any religion but rather to illuminate the hypocracy of these two character. Since my character Celia is dealing with religion-based issues it was only fair to explore where her problems originated.

    Thankfully, my writing was of a caliber that you were able to find the story worthy of review and I do appreciate that you read and reviewed Sacred Secrets.


  2. Thank you for the comment Roxy. I love to hear from the authors. BDSM is not a genre for everyone as it is not really for me. But as I am the main reviewer on HEART, I give each story a try that comes in my in box. I'm not into punishment and so I found that and the descriptions of Tony's death to be a bit harsh for me.

    I understand the ex-boyfriend and the father were pretty evil men. Celia has a right to feel whatever she wants towards them. I was only looking for some place, if even one line of reflection, where she knows all Christains aren't evil, but the ones in her life had made it hard for her to trust them or something to that effect.

    And yes, your writing has merit. It kept me reading a genre that I don't like. I wanted to figure out the mystery and see what happened with Celia and Garrett. I think anyone looking for a BDSM story would be well pleased with Sacred Secrets: Chronicles of Surrender. If I didn't think your writing and story was good, it wouldn't have gotten a review on HEART as I have read many stories that didn't rate 3 hearts. I meant it that readers wouldn't want to miss your story. And remember, a review is just the readers opinion; someone who loves BDSM might have given your story 5 hearts. HEART is small right now, growing everyday, but we don't have a reviewer who reads BDSM right now. (We will be opening our doors to new reviewers in Jan.)

    Blogs and emails don't always come across the way the person writing them means for it to. So, if anyone is questioning my post, I just want to say, I mean it all in a positive light. And I am trying to compliment your writing. I can be a lightweight when it comes to pain or even things like horror ficks. I'm more of a comedy gal. (One thing about me is that I have fibromyalgia. That condition causes me to interpret pain at a higher intensity. Whether something happens to me, I see it, read about it or hear about it, it can and does cause me physical pain. Even where her boss yanks her colar could cause me enough trauma to make me sick in bed for a week.)

    If anyone else has a comment, please feel free to post them. I would love to see authors and readers discuss works on HEART. Just please remember to be polite.