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Monday, February 1, 2010

Chameleon’s Colors by Aubrie Dionne


Ever since she stumbled into her father’s lab and drank a cocktail of his experiments, Kaylee has had the ability to change color, blending into her environment like a chameleon. Named a freak at school, she runs away and joins the Masquerade Carnival. Her life takes on a routine and she enjoys performing in the shows until she falls for a young man hired to run the rides.

Coincidentally, an old, roving gypsy offers a potion to restore her body to the way it once was to win his heart. Now she must choose between her unique powers or a chance at love.


A refreshingly sweet young romance. Wonderfully written. Ms. Dionne paints a vivid scene that had me sucked in from paragraph one. I could see everything taking place on stage as Kaylee preformed. Most times when you read a romance, you want to connect with the heroine and live through her. But in this first scene, I was more than happy to sit back watch in awe.

The only issue I had with this story was that it seemed to end abruptly. Like there was a little left untold to the story. Other than that, this is a wonderful short read.

I give this story 5 hearts. Reviewed by

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