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Monday, February 1, 2010

When the Condor Returned by Icy Snow Blackstone


Peace was within their grasp...and then the enemy returned.
Love doesn't necessarily conquer all. Newlyweds Philip and Rebekah represent the union of two different people, but the Earthmen and the Tusteya are not understanding of their union.

Philip needs to convince everyone that he is a capable ruler. When he and Rebekah think they've succeeded, The Condor, a Federation spaceship returns, reawakening thirty years of hatred and aggression.

Captain Renault, in charge of the Condor, considers himself a by-the-book commander. Whatever he does, he has the excuse of following orders. His viewpoints set him up to be in conflict with Phillip.

Phillip must answer the ultimate question--is he Tusteyan or Earthman?


Excellent! Loved it from beginning to end. Second book in this series, you should read book one first, but I really think you could follow even if you didn’t. Though you might not enjoy book two as much as having read book one first.

Ms. Blackstone created a fabulous world in book one that just got better in When the Condor Returned. The characters come to life in this setting. I found myself rooting for both sides hoping for a solution to their problems and not wanting the story to end. But the epilogue helped, bringing tears to my eyes and doing my heart good.

Whatever issues I had with book one were worked out in book two.

I give this story 5 hearts and a Recommended Read. Reviewed by


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